Our (Slightly Sensationalized) Story

Holy Mother Church has seen her share of great moments: the Council of Nicaea, the founding of Cluny, the dream of Innocent III, the averted burning of Aquinas’ “straw.” We’d like to nominate another epic moment for the Church history hall of fame.

Back in 1600, Pope Clement VIII was facing a problem. His advisers had approached him petitioning a ban on coffee, a “heathen beverage” newly introduced to Europe by Venetian traders who had acquired it from the Muslim world. Clement was a hands-on sort of guy, so he had some of the precious concoction prepared for him. With his pronouncement – albeit, sadly, not a strictly infallible one – coffee came to be considered a blessing on all of Christendom. According to legend, the pontiff proclaimed that coffee was delicious: “We should cheat the devil by baptizing it.”

And baptize it we did. From that time on, the humble coffee bean has been a staple of Catholic diets. Making it available after Mass – preferably with donuts – is practically a precept of the Church. Coffee is … well, it’s almost Tradition. (Yes, with a capital T. Almost.) It’s been putting that little extra pep in the lives of the faithful for centuries, but it always had one shortcoming: it’s a life-giving nectar of rich, caffeinated goodness, but nothing more. Until now.

Enter Vocation Brew, the first line of coffees in the history of the Church to give 100% of proceeds to the cause of priestly vocations. Not only does it continue the delicious tradition of imbibing dark, roasted beanjuice, but now it can do so much more. With every delicious sip of our responsibly grown, gourmet roasted Joe, you’re helping clear a path for the next generation of priests to baptize your kids, hear your confessions, and offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the salvation of souls. What more could you ask of your coffee?

It may not rank up there with the Edict of Milan, but we’re pretty sure we can make Pope Clement’s blessing every bit as significant for the future of the Church, and we know for a fact that we’ve got the most satisfying way to foster vocations.

Promote vocations. Order one of our delicious coffees today!